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Revolutionary medical distribution to your care homes

We provide essential Care Home services in Manchester. Heald Green Pharmacy offers one of the most comprehensive pharmaceutical services to Nursing and Residential Care Homes. We use Caremeds, Multimeds and Emar systems to ensure that we are giving our patients the most advanced care and support, with our services going beyond simply dispensing medication.

We help ensure the proper and effective ordering of drugs and appliances and their clinical and cost effective use, their safe storage, supply and administration, disposal and proper record keeping. Our pharmacy has an advanced infrastructure with highly efficient procedures using state of the art technology. There is a combination of factors that help us deliver our unique brand of service to care homes and we can carry out medication audits (certified) to ensure the management of medicines and procedures are being carried out effectively by the care home.


Care Home Monitored Dosage Systems/MultiMeds

The MultiMeds systems allows for a carer or patient to see which medications need to be taken and when. It also allows to quickly identify if meds have been missed or too many have been taken. Overall, it’s a good system for individuals who struggle to take their medicines on time due to their conditions or circumstance and people with duties of care.

MultiMeds is the most flexible Monitored Dosage System available anywhere in the world. It can be used in both 7 Day and 28 Day
formats with generic seals or when used in conjunction with CareMeds Dispensing System, with printable seals which carry Patient, Meds and Meds round information. Unlike traditional MDS systems, MultiMeds is a multi-dose solution that carries all the blistered medications in one pod.


So what’s different about that?

The difference is, each pod is removable complete with its individual seal. Each pod is dedicated to a particular medication round and eliminates the need for carer to search through racks looking for other medications due for the resident. Each tray has a card lid attached. This is a significant advantage over another system known as Biodose. Pharmacist and Carers alike benefit from the mandatory labelling information as required by The Human Medicines Regulations 2012, in addition to not only colour photos of residents, but also the medications contained within each pod. The lid also carries Dispensing Pharmacy details, the start date of the tray and importantly any patient allergies that a carer needs to be aware of.

The Multimeds system allows for better compliance and safe administration of medicines.

Many of the older population use this system to help manage complex medicine regimes. So, for care homes, this is an important tool that enhances medicine adherence and helps residents manage their medicine effectively. This will also help prevent medicine wastage and overdose in some patients. Contact us today to find out more about our Care Home Services in Manchester.

Please note: not all medications are suitable for blister packs but the pharmacist will be able to answer your queries.



Our pharmacy uses the state of the art, innovative CareMeds system. This is a unique, web based dispensing software, that allows for us to manage our patients medication to the highest degree, ensuring that we deliver patient centred medication management solution. From minimising medication mistakes to saving time, prioritising quality of care and ease of audits CareMeds ensures it all.

It is the only system that provides one patient record that is accessible to the pharmacy, care provider and GP. The care provider can even log in to edit and print charts, re-order medication and send messages to the pharmacy. MAR charts include colour photos of residents and medications. There is also a range of specialist charts for Warfarin, PRN, Topical and Insulin. it is an incredible system and we recommend it to all of the care homes that we work with. You can read more about Caremeds here.


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