Why is Blood Pressure Testing Important?

September 30, 2022

blood pressure testing in Manchester

A blood pressure test’s objective is to determine whether you may be suffering from hypertension. If left unchecked, hypertension could lead to serious health complications. Keep reading to learn more about blood pressure testing in Manchester.

What are hypertension and hypotension?

Blood pressure is the force with which blood pushes up against the walls of your arteries as it circulates throughout your body.  Although low blood pressure (hypotension) is not serious, in some people it might result in symptoms such as light-headedness and fainting.

On the other hand, if left untreated, high blood pressure might increase your chance of developing serious health problems like heart issues.

In healthy adults over the age of 40, blood pressure should be checked at least once every five years. You should have your blood pressure checked more frequently, at least once a year, if you are at high risk for developing hypertension. This is a simple procedure that could potentially save your life.

Blood pressure testing in Manchester

What tests are done to check blood pressure?

We offer quick, easy blood pressure testing in-store. If the test concludes that you have hypertension, we will recommend that you take further tests in order to confirm the diagnosis and rule out any underlying factors. These include:

Continuous ambulatory monitoring. You may find out if you have high blood pressure or not by doing this 24-hour blood pressure monitoring test. The technology utilised in this test enables the machine to take your blood pressure throughout the course of a 24-hour period at regular intervals. This gives you a more precise picture of how your blood pressure changes throughout the day and night.
Lab tests. Your doctor or pharmacist may recommend a blood test and urinalysis (urine test) such as a cholesterol test.
An electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG). This quick test measures the electrical impulses in your heart.
– Your doctor can conduct echocardiography to look for other signs of heart disease based on the symptoms and test results.

blood pressure testing in Manchester

What is normal blood pressure by age?

The ideal blood pressure for each age group and gender is displayed below:


– 21-25 – 120.5/78.5
– 26-30 – 119.5/76.5
– 31-35 – 114.5/75.5
– 36-40 – 120.5/75.5
– 41-45 – 115.5/78.5
– 46-50 – 119.5/80.5
– 51-55 – 125.5/80.5
– 56-60 – 129.5/79.5
– 61-65 – 143.5/76.5


– 21-25 – 115.5/70.5
– 26-30 – 113.5/71.5
– 31-35 – 110.5/72.5
– 36-40 – 112.5/74.5
– 41-45 – 116.5/73.5
– 46-50 – 124/78.5
– 51-55 – 122.55/74.5
– 56-60 – 132.5/78.5
– 61-65 – 130.5/77.5

When should you go for blood pressure testing?

You should always get your blood pressure checked, especially if you have concerns.

Every five years, as part of the NHS Health Check, adults in England between the ages of 40 and 74 are offered blood pressure checks.

You might need to undergo the tests more regularly if the results indicate that you have high or low blood pressure or are highly susceptible to acquiring either.

blood pressure testing in Manchester

Can I go for blood pressure testing at a pharmacy?

Yes. You may check your blood pressure practically anywhere, whether at home or in a doctor’s office or pharmacy. Many pharmacies allow you to use a device to take your blood pressure readings. Consult your pharmacist if you have any queries after carefully reading the machine’s instructions. Just like you would with your doctor, you can talk to the pharmacist about your results. Keep track of any future changes by writing down your blood pressure readings.

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