Weight Management

The most effective way to lose weight is through the right support mechanism, developing the right habits and complimenting these with powerful treatments. At Heald Green Pharmacy, we’re here to support you along your weight loss journey as best we can by providing these key elements for success. Your health is our priority and we’re going to be with you every step of the way.

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We offer a weight loss service from our in-store clinic. There, we can offer advice and support for losing weight. Also, we offer a range of private medications that are proven to aid weight loss.

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What weight management solutions can we provide?

We provide the following:

The solution you take from us really does depend on your goals and we’ll be very happy to speak with you about these. However, we do provide the opportunity for you to begin an online consultation and order your medicine online to then collect in-store.

Contact us or visit us in-store if you would like to know more about our weight loss service.

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