How Can You Protect Yourself from Getting the Flu this Christmas?

December 30, 2022

nhs flu vaccine eligibility in Manchester

It’s that time of the year again – we are not talking about the joyous festive season. Rather, it’s about the current flu season. It’s really important to protect yourself and the people you love from the flu. Continue reading to find out more about your NHS flu vaccine eligibility in Manchester.

Pregnant women, young children, people with long-term health conditions like asthma, diabetes, or heart and lung disease, as well as those 65 years of age and older, are at significant risk of developing severe flu complications.

How can I protect myself & my family from getting the flu this Christmas?

The following are some steps you can take to protect your family as well as yourself:

1. Get a flu jab: It’s never too late to get vaccinated against the flu. Make an appointment for it immediately if you haven’t already, as it takes about two weeks for the vaccine to fully take effect in your body. Despite the fact that there are numerous flu viruses, a flu vaccine offers protection against those that research indicates will be the most prevalent this season. Please be aware that infants under 6 months old are at a greater risk of developing significant flu complications, but are too young to receive the vaccine. Instead, vaccinations ought to be given to those who take care of babies.

2. Wash your hands: Hand-washing with warm, soapy water, will not only defend against infection but also stop the transfer of germs to others. Try to wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. It’s important to keep in mind that cleaning your hands with soap and water kills more germs than just using hand sanitiser by itself.

3. Stay at home and stay away from sick people: Don’t sit next to or shake hands with anybody you know is sick. Stay at home if you’re unwell, too! This will help stop spreading the flu to others in the office or school.

4. Maintain cleanliness: Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. Clean and disinfect regularly touched surfaces at work, home, and/or school, especially when someone is sick.

5. Stay healthy: Get enough sleep, engage in physical activity, control your stress, eat a balanced diet, and drink a lot of water.

6. Travel safely: Pack warm clothing and tools in your car in case your vehicle breaks down and leaves you stranded in the cold. Keep blankets, scarves, hats, gloves, a spare tyre, water, and other necessities in your boot.

nhs flu vaccine eligibility in Manchester

What is the eligibility criteria for the NHS flu vaccine in Manchester?

The flu vaccine is offered free on the NHS to those who:

– Have certain medical conditions
– Are 50 and over
– Are pregnant
– Receive a carer’s allowance, or are the main carer for an older or disabled person who may be at risk if you get the flu.
– Are in long-stay residential care
– Live with someone who is more likely to get a serious infection due to a weakened immune system. These include someone living with HIV, someone who has had a transplant, or is having certain treatments for lupus, cancer or rheumatoid arthritis.

Is the flu vaccine effective?

Yes, in fact the best defence against the flu is the vaccination.

Even though the vaccine’s effectiveness varies, recent research indicates that the flu vaccination prevented 15-52% of flu cases between 2015 – 2020. The research categorically concludes, that the flu jab has effectively reduced the rate of infection.

Flu vaccines help in preventing the major types of flu viruses. However, there is still a potential that you could contract the illness.

nhs flu vaccine eligibility in Manchester

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