Tips on How to Quit Smoking For Good

March 8, 2022

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Tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and other smokeless products, can lead to or worsen a number of health complications. Reports suggest that smoking leads to about 90% of lung cancer deaths and 80% of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) deaths. Keep reading for more information on the quit smoking timeline in Manchester and how you can get started.

Nicotine is the chemical responsible for physical addiction from cigarette smoking. Smoking can also be a difficult habit to drop if it’s associated with social activities.

In most cases, smokers have to make several attempts at quitting smoking before successfully getting rid of the habit. Combining both medication and counselling can make the quitting process easier and faster.

The dangers that smoking poses to our health have been proven to make it even more worth quitting, however difficult the process may become.

Why is it difficult to quit smoking? (Quit smoking timeline in Manchester)

Nicotine is a substance found in tobacco that makes it addictive and hard to quit through generating cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The most-reported withdrawal symptoms include:

– Headaches
– Weight gain
– Concentration difficulties
– Urge to smoke
– Insomnia
– Restlessness
– Irritability
– Fatigue

Quit smoking timeline in Manchester

Tips to help you quit smoking by setting a quit smoking timeline in Manchester:

– Notify the people close to you, so they can avoid smoking around you.
– Avoid substituting cigarettes with food by going for a walk to minimise your craving.
– Stay motivated and positive.
– E-cigarettes may be useful in the bid to quit smoking but aren’t risk-free.

Benefits of quitting smoking & quit smoking timeline in Manchester

Below are some of the ways your health and life, in general, will be impacted by giving up smoking.

1. Stopping smoking allows you to breathe more easily

After you quit smoking, lung capacity goes up by about 10% within 9 months, enabling you to breathe more easily and cough less.

2. You become more energetic

Circulation of blood throughout the body improves within 2-12 weeks of giving up smoking, making it easier to perform any kind of physical activity, walking and running included.

3. Stopping smoking improves smell and taste

Senses of taste and smell show a noticeable improvement when you quit smoking.

4. Ex-smokers have whiter teeth and normal breath

Quitting tobacco smoking not only prevents your teeth from further staining but also comes with fresher breath.

It’s also more likely for smokers to have gum disease and lose their teeth prematurely.

Quit smoking timeline in Manchester

5. You live longer when you quit smoking

Reports suggest that about 50% of long-term smokers die earlier than expected due to smoking-related health conditions, such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and heart disease.

People who give up smoking at around 30 years of age add about 10 years to their life, while those who drop the habit at the age of 60 add about 3 years to their life.

6. You enhance your skin when you stop smoking

When you quit smoking, your skin gets more nutrients and oxygen and reverses the sallow, lined complexion that is otherwise caused by tobacco smoking. Also, studies have shown that quitting smoking slows facial ageing while delaying the development of wrinkles.

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7. Stopping smoking enhances fertility

It’s much easier for non-smokers to get pregnant, and quitting smoking improves the womb lining while making the sperm more potent.

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