What are the Best Period Delay Tablets for your Holidays?

July 26, 2022

Tablets to delay your period in Manchester

Want to leave the country but are worried about your period getting in the way? While delaying your period is not guaranteed, doing so can be achieved if you use the combined contraceptive pill. If you are not on the contraceptive pill, there are also specific medications that you can take to delay your period effectively. Continue reading to find out the best tablets to delay your period in Manchester.

Taking two packs of the combined pill consecutively

By taking two packets of a combined contraceptive pill back-to-back, you can postpone your menstruation. Which tablet you take will determine how you go about doing this.

Examples include:

Monophasic 21-day tablets, including Microgynon and Cilest. When you bleed (have your period), you take the combined pill for 21 days, then go without it for 7 days. Start a new pack of pills as soon as you complete the last one to skip the 7-day interval to postpone your period.
Everyday (ED) pills, including Lorynon ED and Microgynon ED, which you take once daily. When you get your period, the first 21 pills are active pills, and the following 7 pills are dummy or inactive pills. Do not take the dummy pills, toss them away to delay your period. Then, begin the active pills in a fresh packet right away.
Phasic 21-day pills, including Binovium, Qlaira, and Logynon; depending on the phase you’re in, the hormone mix in each pill varies. For successful contraception, you must take these pills in the right combination.

The above-mentioned methods of taking your contraceptive tablets will have no impact on how well they function as contraceptives.

Avoid consuming more than 2 packets at once unless your doctor gives the all-clear.

You run the chance of having negative effects like:

– Feeling unwell
– Feeling ill
– Sudden vaginal bleeding

Tablets to delay your period in Manchester

Why delay your period?

Women postpone their periods for a variety of reasons. You may be planning a wedding or a holiday and believe that the times will conflict with your arrangements. Additionally, you can decide to forgo the discomforts and anxious times that come with your period temporarily, particularly if you are changing jobs or moving to a new home.

What happens if you don’t take a contraceptive pill?

If you wish to delay your period and you are not using the combined contraceptive pill, ask your pharmacist for help. To postpone your period, they might be able to offer you a medication referred to as norethisterone.

When and how long to take norethisterone will be recommended by your pharmacist or doctor. Three to four days before you anticipate your period coming, you’ll typically be given a prescription for 3 norethisterone tablets to take daily.

After you stop using the medicine, your menstruation should start 2 to 3 days later.

However, this form of norethisterone does not function as a contraceptive, so you still have a chance of becoming pregnant.  You should use a different method of birth control, such as a condom. This is also recommended if you are using your regular contraceptive pill to delay your period. And if you have a history of blood clots, norethisterone might not be appropriate for you.

The effectiveness of it in delaying periods varies from woman to woman.

Tablets to delay your period in Manchester

Side effects of tablets to delay your period

Some users of norethisterone have mentioned the following adverse effects:

– Tender breasts
– Nausea
– Headache
– Changes in sex drive and mood

Tablets to delay your period in Manchester – how long do they delay it for?

The Norethisterone period delay medication can delay periods by around 17 days. It’s advisable that you take the tablet as early as three days prior to the start of your regular menstruation.

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