Why Do You Need Travel Vaccines Before Going Abroad?

August 11, 2022

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If you intend to travel abroad, you may need vaccinations against some of the most serious diseases that are found outside the country. Vaccines offer protection against a number of preventable infections, including hepatitis A, typhoid, and yellow fever. Where can I get travel vaccines near me in Manchester? Keep reading to find out.

The vaccine schedule advised by the NHS safeguards you from a number of ailments in the UK. However, it does not prevent you from all contagious diseases that are widespread in other countries.

When should I start making plans for the vaccinations I’ll need?

If possible, speak with your pharmacist about eight weeks before you leave. Some vaccinations need to be given beforehand so that your body can develop immunity. Additionally, some immunisations require many doses given over the course of several weeks or months.

You might be more susceptible if you engage in certain activities, such as:

– Going to remote places
– Backpacking
– Camping
– Travelling to different places rather than staying in one area

If you have a medical condition, you may be more vulnerable to infections or complications from a travel-related sickness.

It’s also important to learn more about Altitude Sickness if you are planning to travel to high altitudes. Find out more about the condition in our previous blog post here:

Altitude Sickness

travel vaccines near me in Manchester

How do I know which travel vaccines I need?

You can learn more about the vaccinations required or advised for the places you’ll be travelling to by visiting the websites listed below:

Travel Health Pro
NHS Fit for Travel

Certain countries require an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) to be filled out and submitted as proof of vaccination prior to entry or departure (for example, against yellow fever or polio).

Visitors and pilgrims attending Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia must provide documentation of their vaccination against certain meningitis strains. Even if an ICVP is not necessary, it is nevertheless advisable to keep a record of the vaccines you have received.

Can I get travel vaccines near me in a pharmacy?

Start by contacting, visiting, or checking in with your pharmacist, doctor, or practice nurse to determine if your UK immunisations are current.

If you have records, let the pharmacist know about your previous vaccination.

The pharmacist or GP may be able to provide you with general travel vaccines and health information, such as how to avoid malaria. If you require additional doses of your UK vaccinations, they can provide them as well.

Not all travel vaccinations are available for free through the NHS as they are not part of the routine vaccination schedule, even if they may be recommended for a particular country.

Your pharmacist may charge you for non-NHS travel vaccinations.

travel vaccines near me in Manchester

How long do travel vaccinations last?

Depending on the vaccine, travel vaccinations have varying periods of immunity. Some travel vaccines, such as those for diphtheria, hepatitis A and B, tetanus, and polio, have a shelf life of ten years or more. The yellow fever vaccination is expected to be effective for life.

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